Unleashing Competitive Advantage through Digital Marketing: Expanding Customer Access and Social Platform Development

Mohammadali Shahbandi


Digital marketing represents a modern approach to marketing. This type of marketing is an important tool for gaining a competitive advantage. The primary benefits of digital marketing for the business sector include providing personalized attention to each customer and cultivating a sense of uniqueness and added value for the company. To effectively apply digital marketing in business practice, it is essential to develop a framework for evaluating digital marketing functions that consider the market’s regional socio-cultural characteristics. Based on this premise, the present study has identified the functions of digital marketing and its role in the development of competitive advantage. To achieve this goal, 71 active marketing experts in the American food industry were selected, and a standard questionnaire was distributed to them. The data was analyzed using the least squares linear regression model. The research results indicated that website development, expanding customer access, utilizing social platforms, and leveraging email for digital marketing all contribute to gaining a competitive advantage.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v6n2p52


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