The Impact of Data Agglomeration on Export Structure Upgrading in Cities: A Factor Mobility Perspective

Tao Lyu, Xiaoying Lan


The digital economy and export upgrading are important topics of common concern for policymakers and academics during the period of high-quality economic development. From the perspective of factor mobility, this paper constructs the two-way fixed effect, mediation effect, and spatial Durbin models to analyze the impacts of data agglomeration on urban export structure upgrading. Using panel data of 280 cities at the prefecture level and above in China from 2005 to 2018, the empirical analysis reveals a positive impact of data agglomeration on urban export structure upgrading, with capital transfer and technology diffusion further reinforcing this impact. Additionally, data agglomeration promotes urban export structure upgrading by optimizing innovation resource allocation and exhibits a spatial spillover effect on urban export structure upgrading. Finally, the facilitating effect on urban export structure upgrading is heterogeneous. Consequently, it is imperative to expedite the construction of new digital infrastructure, foster the integration and symbiotic evolution of data and traditional production factors, and implement distinct innovation development pathways based on regional comparative advantages.

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