Research on Application Solutions of Blockchain Technology in Multi-Party Collaborative Emergency Logistics System

Fan Cheng, Xin Wei


With the continuous development of global trade and logistics business, the construction of emergency logistics system has become an important part to ensure the efficient operation of logistics chain. However, in the face of emergencies, such as natural disasters, traffic accidents or public health crises, the traditional emergency logistics system is vulnerable to information asymmetry, data tampering and other problems, resulting in low emergency response efficiency. Blockchain technology, with its decentralized, immutable, transparent and traceable characteristics, offers new possibilities for solving these problems. This paper aims to discuss the solution of blockchain technology applied in the field of emergency logistics from the perspective of supply chain, in order to build a multi-agent collaborative emergency logistics “digital platform” network, and improve the response ability and toughness of the urban emergency logistics system that “combines emergency and peace”.

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