Analysis of Xunyang Lion’s Head Citrus Brand IP Shaping and Sales Planning Suggestions

Yanyan Li, Zhiyi Du, Huihui Ren


In order to comply with the national “Belt and Road” policy and continue to promote the grand goal of rural revitalization. This paper is mainly for the lion head citrus industry in line with the development of the times, for Xunyang agricultural products lion head citrus to open a new type of marketing ideas and promotional methods. According to different age levels, different marketing programs are proposed, and product design and sales planning in line with the characteristics of different ages are proposed. Keeping up with the modern fashion trend elements, opening up new sales ideas for the Shishitoukan Industrial Park, strengthening the development of Shishitoukan deep-processing field, and opening up foreign markets. Solve the current sales limitations of the sales market, realize the two-way development of culture and economy, sustain the development of derivative industries, provide a new road to open up overseas markets, and realize the goal of rural revitalization.

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