Exploration of the *ST Mall Acquisition Event Based on the Theory of Corporate Life Cycle

Jingwei Liu


*ST Mall, a publicly listed company that has gone through multiple development stages, is currently facing severe financial difficulties and industry challenges. Through financial data analysis, it was found that *ST Mall is dealing with issues such as high debts, tight cash flow, and declining profitability. Especially in the recession stage, the financial condition of *ST Mall continues to deteriorate, leading to a significant drop in stock prices. In addition, they are also facing challenges like high market saturation and severe customer loss. The financial events of 2021 have had a profound impact on the company, bringing new financial risks and challenges. To address the current difficulties, the mall urgently needs to take measures to reduce financial risks, improve operational efficiency, closely monitor industry trends, and ensure that the company can effectively deal with future challenges.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v6n2p100


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