Research on How Internet Celebrity Food Goes out of the Circle to Help Local Economic Development Based on the Barbecue Phenomenon in Zibo

Shunan Liu


In recent years, with the rise of the Internet, the Internet celebrity economy has developed vigorously, gradually penetrating into various fields such as social networking, e-commerce, and live broadcasting, and various types of Internet celebrity economic products have emerged in endlessly. Internet celebrity food makes full use of the advantages of new media platforms to promote the development of local economy. Although most of the existing literature believes that Internet celebrity food is the key to boosting urban development, most scholars study Internet celebrity food alone or from the perspective of helping economic development. There are few documents that combine the two to study the emergence of Internet celebrity food. The reasons for the circle and the mechanism to promote local economic development. This article takes Zibo Barbecue as the research object to explore the factors that lead to the prosperity of this Internet celebrity food and its future development model, thereby helping local economic development and providing relevant optimization paths for this purpose.

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