JiXiao Glaze Online Store Operation and Promotion Strategy to Discuss

Guohua Song, Hao Yan, Naiwen Bo, Qiaoying Ming


The rapid development of Internet technology, so that many merchants have to take advantage of the e-commerce platform audience to carry out the online business, although achieved a certain sales effect, but not ideal, the main reason is that the operation and promotion strategy of the online store is not in-depth study. Online store only find in line with their own operation and promotion strategy, in order to form their own radiation effect, and ultimately realize the operational goals. This study discusses the operation and promotion strategy of Liuli online store in depth, hoping that the operators can change their thinking and flexibly apply various operation and promotion strategies of online store according to the specific situation, so as to promote the good operation and development of online store. It is hoped that this study can provide reference for online store operators.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v6n2p156


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