Research on Cost Management Evaluation of Urban Renewal Projects under EPC Mode

Liang bo, Yang Ying


Compared with developed countries, the research on modern urban renewal in China is relatively late. However, with the landing of more and more projects in recent years, since Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places took the lead in urban renewal, urban renewal has gradually entered a period of market-oriented and diversified operation. In recent years, under the influence of urban renewal strategy, the construction of old residential renovation projects is in full swing. In order to reduce the risk of construction, the construction unit often selects EPC project general contracting mode as the contract form of old residential renovation projects. However, the EPC project general contracting mode not only reduces the investment risk of the construction unit, but also greatly improves the difficulty of the general contracting unit's cost management of the renovation project of the old residential area. In order to complete the renovation project of the old residential area within the range of the budget estimate approved by the government and obtain the expected social benefits, cost management has become the control point of the project management of the EPC project general contractor. Based on the perspective of the general contractor, this paper takes the renovation project of the old residential area under EPC mode as the research object, uses AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluate the project cost management, analyzes the deficiencies in the actual cost management and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions.

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