Review of Research on Uncertain Repetitive Project Scheduling

Zhou Lin, Yifei Li, Wang Hao


With the continuous development of project management practice, the project often suffers from disturbance events in the actual execution activity, which leads to project delay and great economic losses.Uncertainty project scheduling studies have also received attention.Repetitive project is a type of project with its own characteristics in which the construction site can be divided into several independent units and all activities are repetitive on multiple units, such as high-rise buildings, highways, and pipeline works. The characteristics of repetitive project controlling paths and controlling activities have their own advantages in responding to uncertain events. This paper takes repetitive project scheduling as the object to sort out its uncertain scheduling research. Firstly, the uncertain research based on probability random theory, fuzzy set theory and robustness theory is summarized, and then the research on different scheduling strategies such as interruptions soft logic and multi-mode in repetitive project scheduling is further summarized. Finally, the current research status of uncertain reactive scheduling is summarized,and further research directions are pointed out.

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