Analyzing Appraisal Resources in the Judgment Discourse of Ulysses Copyright Infringement Case

Qing Ren


In this economic society, intellectual property protection play an important role in maintaining the national economic order and promoting social development. The infringement of intellectual property will bring great harm to the public and national interests. This study aims to analyze the appraisal resources in the court judgment of Ulysses copyright infringement case, especially from the perspective of attitude and engagement system. By adopting a descriptive and exploratory approach, the study investigates how attitude and engagement resources serve the declaratory and justificatory functions of court judgments. It is found that appreciation and judgement in attitude system are widely used in this court judgment, while affect is seldom applied for it deals with people’s personal feelings. For engagement, disclaim and entertain resources are applied from time to time in processing the judge’s objective fact analysis. It also shows that the court can effectively arrive at judgments with justice when the court professionals have better knowledge and make proper use of the appraisal resources. It is hoped that this study can arouse the awareness of legal professionals to maintain their law-based role of justice in copyright cases by the proper application of appraisal resources in their distinctive language.

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