Influence Relaxation Policy Fees on COVID-19 Pandemic and Service Quality Claims against the Realization of Dues Payment Compliance BPJSK in Branch Office Driyorejo-Gresik East Jawa-Indonesia

Untung Lasiyono


In the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, it had a very large impact not only on the health aspect, but also on the labor and economic aspects. The industrial world has been affected so much that the industrial world has stopped its production activities so that there has been a reduction in the workforce in production by being dismissed and even disconnected from their work. This condition is what makes the government take action, especially in terms of employment in fulfilling the obligation to pay BPJSK output through a relaxation or softness policy in paying contributions. Another policy is the claim service for BPJSK participants if there is a risk that results in the realization of the claim.

This research is to analyze with the policy of relaxation of payment of dues and claim services associated with their influence on participant compliance in paying BPJSK dues. The population / research sample was the participants of the BPJSK Gresik Driyorejo Branch, using a questionnaire to obtain data on the perception of relaxation policies, service quality and compliance with payment of dues.

Based on the results of data analysis, it shows that: first, the premium payment policy has a significant effect on dues pay compliance, second, the service quality of claims has a significant effect on awareness of premium payments, and third, the policy of relaxation of contributions and the quality of service claims has a significant effect on the premium. payment of dues for BPJSK members at the Gresik Driyorejo Branch.

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