The Significance of Emotional Intelligence in Business

Dr. Anna M. Rostomyan, Dr. Armen M. Rostomyan, Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg


Emotions constitute a large part in our daily lives, particularly in these challenging times. They not only help us feel certain sensations, perceive the reality and express our diverse emotions and feelings, but also support in analyzing the outward situation, hence becoming a part of higher cognitive processes. Here, emotional intelligence comes to the forefront and directs you in taking diverse decisions. We have also considered the concept of WeQ.

It is our firm belief that emotions contribute to the success and quality of your daily life, your interpersonal relations, as well as the development of your business.

The present case study has sought for ways to enlighten the awareness of EQ, both in our private lives and in the business world.

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