Perspective of Triple Button Lines: Influence of Green Product Value

Shan-Yan Huang, Yu-Chen Yeh


The green product is a consumption model that combines environmental protection, preferential prices and social welfare. It not only allows customers to buy goods at reasonable prices, but also helps underprivileged groups and creates profits for the industry. It is beneficial to all aspects. Green products also equips with Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT), Institution-Based Trust (IBT), and Calculative-Based Trust (CBT); therefore, customers can utilize and purchase products with reliable, and build up a great brand image to gain a competitive advantage, thereby gaining consumers’ willingness to repurchase products, increasing word-of-mouth and enhancing consumers’ impression of the industry. The 435 participants of this study are consumers who have purchased green products to explore the impacts of Product Green Value (GPV) from consumers’ points of view, examine how shaping of customer relationships demonstrates the green value, and analyzes the Green Product Value (GPV), trust (TRT), product satisfaction (PDS), word-of mouth (WOM) and repurchase willingness (RPW) via structural equation models (SEM). The results revealed that the more the awareness of product green value (GPV) for consumers, the more product satisfaction (PDS) and repurchase willingness (RPW) of green products as well as discuss and even recommend with others.

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