The Impact of Consumer Behavior Factors on Hallyu Consumption in Four Latin American Countries

Stephany Masís Hernández, Jaeho Lee


This paper aims to examine the impact of consumer behavior factors on Hallyu consumption in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. In particular, the paper explores the relationships between cultural, social, and psychological factors and consumer intention (and attachment) in the context of Hallyu attractiveness. To reach our research goal, we conducted a survey and measured each of the factors that impact consumer behavior, the degree of attachment toward Hallyu, and consumer or purchase intention. We then analyzed our hypotheses using the structural equation model. The main findings of the study indicate that social influence, motivation, perception, and attitude are strongly associated with attachment and consumption intention not only directly but also when the relationship is mediated by the characteristics of Hallyu attractiveness. We also found that the local culture’s orientation is weakly associated with attachment and consumption intention.

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