Designing a Sales Marketing Model for Generation Z

Mohammadali Shahbandi


In the world of business and the age of information development and the emergence of new information technologies; Generation Z, due to its special feature in the focus component that leads them to a short-range of attention or decentralization and has a sophisticated filter that makes this generation extremely fast and focus on the target content and avoid ads that interest them is not; Special attention has been paid to companies to provide services and products. Born between 2000 and 2014, this new generation has conveyed to managers, business leaders, and marketers that they need to pay more attention to new and faster technologies in order to succeed in working and doing business with the next generation. What makes this generation more important than other generations in marketing; The high population of these consumers and its growing trend around the world and in the United States; Their interest in using new digital technologies towards adults, being digital natives or in other words, synchronizing with this technology almost from birth; Generation Z has a special impact on business and their willingness to buy from ethical and responsible companies and has convinced managers and marketers that in order to reach new customers, it is necessary to consider this new generation more than before and Include in the sales and marketing policies of their products or services.

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