Challenges Facing the Use of Point Of Sale POS from Merchants and Banks’ Employees Perspective in Sudan

Ishraga Abdelhafiz Hassan Khattab, Bushra Salah Abdelkareem Ahmed, Omer Hassan Omarabi


This study aims to identify challenges facing the use of POS in Sudan from the perspectives of merchants and banks’ employees. An Exploratory study was applied to capture the perspective of the merchants using questionnaires to collect data on their views, while a qualitative technique using focus group was adopted to collect data on banks employees’ perception on challenges facing POS in Sudan. (150) questionnaires were distributed in Khartoum. Ultimately (141) responses were received and checked for completeness and consistency and were randomly cross checked for accuracy of the data. (100) banks’ Employess from the marketing and IT departments participated in the focus group discussion.

Based on the merchants ‘perspective the main challenges facing the use of use of POS in Sudan is the legal and regulatory hurdles followed by operational challenges including poor network reliability. Banks’ employees perceive that the challenges are manifested in the lack of (know how) in addition to the need to develop an incentive plan that encourages customers to use POS more often. The study recommends that further investment should be put in the network and the IT infrastructure in addition to the need to revisit the regulatory procedure governing the relationship between the different stakeholders of POS. Larger sample size to be employed.

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