Research on Exhibition Service Quality Improvement Based on Exhibitors’ Perspective—Take the 42nd China Shandong Medical Expo as an Example

Xiang-Tai Guan, Cai-Yun Tian


Exhibitors are the main body of the exhibition, and improving the exhibition’s service quality to win the exhibition’s satisfaction is an essential condition for the exhibition to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage. This paper introduces information into the SERVQUAL model, constructs an evaluation scale of 21 items, including six dimensions of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and information, and takes the 42nd Shandong Medical Expo as an example to evaluate and analyze the service quality of the exhibition. It is found that the expectation perception gap between reliability and responsiveness is the largest, the expectation perception gap between assurance and empathy is more significant, and the expectation perception gap between tangibles and information is the smallest. Finally, some suggestions and countermeasures are put forward from the aspects of improving the exhibition design, highlighting the characteristics of the exhibition, broadening the content of exhibition activities, enhancing the value of exhibitors, attaching importance to the perception of exhibitors, improving the level of service, using digital technology and strengthening the effect of exhibitors.

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