Lecture Course “Modern Physics”

Voronov V. K., Gerashchenko L. A., Dudareva O. V., Funtikova E. A.


In the paper, the structure of the lecture course “Modern Physics” is described in detail. The course is based on a logical presentation of modern ideas about quantum-, atomic-, nuclear-, and molecular physics as well as astrophysics. A special attention is paid to a relatively new interdisciplinary research field, namely the physics of open systems, and to the study of clusters as one of the most promising scientific areas. Separate chapters of the textbook are devoted to nonlinear optics, quantum information, structure and dynamics of molecules. The fundamental laws and concepts of modern physics, their relationship and origin are comprehensively discussed. It is underlined that this lecture course is intended, first of all, for students of technical universities, postgraduate students of relevant specialties, as well as professors of vocation-related subjects. The inclusion of new sections of physics in the curricula of universities is rationalized, in particular, by the fact that physics is closely related to engineering. Due to this fact, the important role that physics plays in society becomes especially evident. The paper may also be of interest to those who are fond of physics and its state-of-the art.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/iess.v3n2p25


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