The Construction Practice of Informatization Ecosystem in Chinese Universities Based on Big Data of Education

Zhang Le, Liu Jie, Chen Feng, Zhuge Jing


The wave of digital reform boosts the layout and construction of university informatization. However, in view of the current problems of university informatization construction, such as inadequate overall planning of system construction, ineffective interoperability of some business system data, high construction cost, and unclear division of responsibilities of system management, the article explores a general idea of digital reform based on the reality of “information islands” and “data chimney” in school education big data, In combination with the actual situation of the school, it has planned and put into practice the idea of the school’s digital reform, built the school’s “digital intelligent medical university” information ecosystem, designed and formed the “1614” digital reform work theoretical system from the top planning, consolidated the construction of the school’s education big data warehouse, committed to data collection, governance and sharing, gathered data resources, and formed a brain-like system to help teaching decision-making, Build a “cloud” supported teaching resource supply system to help borderless teaching, and finally build a personalized teaching ecological model based on education big data.

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