Higher Education in China should Increase the Proportion of Practical Teaching

Jiahui Wen, Tian Wang


With the evolution of society, the demands on human resources have also changed significantly. In the face of such changes, the field of education also needs to adapt. Current higher education in China, influenced by Confucianism, places more emphasis on theory than practice, leading to a lack of applied, innovative, and complex talents in the market, so the proportion of practical teaching should be increased. By discussing the benefits of practice for knowledge, talent development, and employment, this paper illustrates the important role of increasing the proportion of practical teaching in Chinese higher education today, guiding students to become applied, innovative and complex talents with solid theory and good quality and suggesting improvements in response to the problems currently faced by practical teaching.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jetss.v5n1p137


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