A Postcolonial Feminist Appraisal of Pakistani English Literature

Rida Zainab, Maria Liaqat, Pakeeza Fatima, Hassan Bin Zubair


This research explores women’s position in Pakistani society. Women are considered an interesting topic for researchers. The following research will show women’s empowerment in male-dominant backgrounds. This research offers a close analysis of women’s presentations by Pakistani English writers. This research is qualitative in nature. It provides a detailed account of information about postcolonial feminism and feminist writers of contemporary times. Portraiture of women is clear in the works of Pakistani English writers. The whole task will be accomplished with the impact of Colonialism. Pakistani modem writers have analyzed and discussed different issues related to women by portraying female characters in their works. Pakistani feminism is considered a part of Post Colonial fiction. Writers have introduced multiple dimensions of feminism. The main purpose of this research is to highlight different aspects which were caused by feminism. The study presents a detailed examination of females adjustment and its effect with great respect to Post Colonialism.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jetss.v4n2p7


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