Role of Coroprotect Kit for Management of Covid 19: A Prophylaxis Case Study Report

Shridhar Pandya, Chetan Savaliya, Kamlesh Thummar


Globally Sars-Cov2 virus but with variety of Mutation like from Gamma to Delta, Delta to Omicron and at present in few country mixed Delta + Omicron cases found. At present pandemic condition needs a prophylaxis treatment against COVID-19. Drugs discoveries from Ayurvedic and phytoconstituents are working on interventions to combat COVID-19 infection. The purpose of the study was to evaluate preventive action (prophylaxis) of proposed intervention in around 500 healthy subjects with negative RT-PCR test, who have been administered with Coroprotect kit to explore the preventive potential of the intervention. Considering evidences from past research on Coroprotect kit together with the incidence of Positive RT-PCR rate in 500 subjects it can be concluded that Coroprotect kit could be a primary option to boost immunity against covid-19 and fight against infection. Surely the phytoconstituents based composition of Coroprotect kit holds promise to patients and healthcare stakeholders as safe and efficacious intervention in Covid 19 as prophylaxis and therapeutic as well.

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