Risk Cognition and Behavior Analysis of Online Shopping of Agricultural Materials for Young Rural Residents

Zhou Jun, Chung Gi-Young


Most young rural residents have had the experience of online shopping, but online shopping of agricultural materials are not popular. This paper hopes to construct an empirical model to analyze the behavior through the cognitive research on the key risk factors, including the quality risk of online agricultural products and after-sales service risk (general online shopping risk and technical service risk factor), which affect young farmers’ choice of online agricultural materials. The results showed that there was a significant negative correlation between the perceived risk of agricultural materials online shopping and the attitude and willingness of young farmers. The greater the perceived risk, the lower the attitude and willingness of agricultural materials online shopping. The attitude of purchasing agricultural materials online shopping played a partial intermediary role in the relationship between perceived risk and willingness to purchase agricultural materials online. The stronger the willingness to buy agricultural materials online, the higher the conversion rate will be. Therefore, mastering the willingness and behavior of young farmers to online purchase agricultural materials and guiding them can change the backward development of agricultural materials e-commerce, boost rural agricultural production and accelerate the revitalization of Rural China.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jetss.v4n2p18


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