Development of Mobile Intelligent Sprinkler Irrigation Device Based on IOT

Kang Li, Lin Ding, Shun Li


Sprinkler irrigation is a major aspect of water use. At present, most of the domestic sprinkler irrigation for green lawns and flowerbeds adopts the rocker-arm rotary sprinkler that is common in the market. Aiming at the problem that the rocker arm rotary sprinkler is not intelligent, it is not suitable for areas that require intelligent irrigation, and cannot intelligently manage the sprinkler irrigation area, I understand the principles of various sprinkler irrigation devices on the market, and propose to automatically adjust the sprinkler range to make sprinkler irrigation intelligent and efficient. Precision to adapt to various types of sprinkler irrigation sites. And it is used for lawn or flowerbed irrigation, and can move freely in the irrigation area without being fixed on the ground. Compared with the existing rocker arm rotary sprinkler, it reduces the initial installation cost and post-maintenance cost.

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