Motivation for the Young Teachers and Novice Researchers in Research Writing

Md. Amir Hossain


Research Writing is one of the most dynamic and creative aspects of Research Methodology. It spreads human thinking capability as well as dormant qualities with a view to finding out new trends of cosmological epistemology in the field of universal science, arts and commerce. Both young teachers and novice researchers broaden their outlook through the critical analysis of Research Writing in the contexts of global significance. They can bring about a revolutionary change for the potentiality of the Global Education System of the 21st—century age if they are properly well-conversant with practical research knowledge. This study aims to look at the motivation for the young teachers and novice researchers in the research writing. It would like to examine motivation and its theoretical framework, classification of motivation, motivational research, research writing, plagiarism in the research writing, aims with objectives, significance, research questions, complexities for the young teachers as well as novice researchers, research writing in the global perspectives, and benefits of research writing as well. It also would like to recommend the teachers and scholars so that they can find out an innovative trend of research writing honestly and conscientiously.

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