A Study on Integrating Cultural Signs of “Global Village” into Cultivating Chinese English Major Students’ Foreign Language Competence with the Vision of Global Community of Shared Future

Dongxue HU, Hanyu JIN, Yi Li, Dan CUI


The fundamental task of cultivating foreign language talents in the new era is to cultivate talents. English major students are supposed to have solid Chinese language skills and cultural knowledge, to be able to skillfully apply language teaching skills related to foreign languages, and have the competence to adopt foreign languages for cross-cultural communication. This article aims to study the “global village” as a unique language practice base of Jilin International Studies University and integrate it into the instruction of higher education to nurture talents for international communication. Based on exploring the connotation of cultural signs that highlights the “global village” and their application of them in cultivating English major students’ foreign language competence, we intend to improve English major students’ humanistic and cultural literacy to nurture their sense of self-national identity under the internationality of globalization. Thus, they are prepared to possess the comprehensive language competence constituted mainly by the broad vision, international consciousness, global village outlook, and cross-culture consciousness and competence, etc. which will necessarily help them to actively and effectively participate in international communication and eventually dedicate themselves to constructing a global community with a shared future for mankind, which essentially makes up the core of cross-cultural competence.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sll.v7n3p5


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