Traditional Marriage in Africa: A Pragmatic Analysis of the Wedding Songs in Saalum Communities

Mariama Soda Ndao


This study raises women’s issues that are part of women’s lives. It draws particularly the wedding songs pragmatics in societies in which communication is an oral cultural basis. From these views, the topic elaborates cultural perception of a certain community, regarding wedding songs to illustrate a handful of characteristics of civilized rules held by the tradition. This topic treats from the view of pragmatic meaning the problem of wedding songs in which, an extracted version is taken from informants to analyze the impact of these oral communication characteristics. Pragmatically, the analysis has thus outlined many communicative aspects to convey knowledge, to inherit social and cultural practices, and to educate the young generation, while serving adults as guides. This topic contributes to cultural diversity and traditional apprehension around different concepts in African societies generally, and the Saalum community particularly.

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