Research on New Employee Training Management of Dalian New Oriental Training School Co., Ltd

Zou Qi


As an important link of human resource management, training is the main means of preserving and increasing the value of human resources. In particular, new employee training is the basis and premise for new employees to carry out their work, which can effectively improve the competence of new employees in actual work, thereby promoting the improvement of enterprise economic efficiency, and has been valued by more and more enterprises.

Dalian New Oriental Training School Co., Ltd is a branch of New Oriental Education Technology Group and is currently the largest education and training enterprise in Dalian market. Since its establishment, the company has been in a state of rapid development, and a large number of new employees will be recruited and trained every year. However, due to the immature training system of new employees and imperfect training guidance, the turnover rate of new employees is high, and the training costs paid by enterprises cannot be effectively converted into economic benefits. According to the main links of the training management model, this paper collects and organizes Dalian new oriental training school co., Ltd using the document method, questionnaire survey method and in-depth interview method Relevant information in the management of new employee training, and analyzed the problems in the management of existing training. According to the existing problems, combined with the main theoretical models such as training transfer theory, training demand analysis model, and Kirkoff training evaluation model, targeted optimization measures are proposed to improve the main links in training management and improve the training management performance of new employees.

Dalian new oriental training school co., Ltd needs to do a good job in the process of “training needs analysis, training design, training implementation, training effect evaluation” and other processes to optimize the existing training management, and also needs to ensure the existing optimization measures from the institutional level, personnel level and resource level. Through Dalian new oriental training school co., Ltd The research on new employee training mainly has the following conclusions of training management: First, new employee training should serve the organizational strategy, and take the organizational strategy and customer needs as the direction of new employee training; In addition, a reasonable training system and process should be built in training management. Second, the training needs analysis should fully consider the needs of new employees and enhance the sense of belonging of new employees. Third, in the early stage of training, it is necessary to enhance the organizational loyalty and commitment of new employees, help new employees establish values that are highly compatible with the organizational culture, and reduce the turnover rate of new employees. Fourth, before training, it is necessary to create the necessary environment to make new employees feel valued; In addition, the focus of new employee training supervision is on training attitudes. Fifth, Dalian new oriental training school co., Ltd new employee training effect evaluation, should be based on constructive evaluation, supplemented by summary evaluation, continuous tracking of behavior layer and result evaluation, use evaluation to improve existing training.

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