Marx Scientific and Technological Innovation Thought and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Kanglin Xie


China’s economic and social development is inseparable from the development of science and technology, people are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology, but also facing the problem between the application of science and technology and social development. Marx’s works contain a wealth of thought on scientific and technological innovation and are still of important value in the contemporary era, and provide an action guide for contemporary scientific and technological innovation, and maintain to guide our country’s science and technology development under the Marx thought of scientific and technological innovation, and provide the important practical significance to solve the problems facing our country’s science and technology development. It plays an important role in building a powerful nation of science and technology, and is conducive to promoting the sound development of science and technology undertakings. The current social development needs to increase the investment in science and technology. Based on the analysis from the perspective of development, advanced science and technology leads our country to constantly explore new fields, and mastering the core science and technology that has an important impact on the destiny of the country still has certain practical significance for the current construction of an innovation-oriented country.

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