Research on the Application Strategy of Virtual Reality Technology under the Background of Media Integration -- Take Chinese Minnan Culture Short Video as an Example

Jingyuan Shi, Jialing Yang, Lin Yu


In this study, an experiment was designed to verify the communication effects and impacts of virtual reality technology on the viewers of a short video on Minnan cultural content. A control experiment and a questionnaire survey were chosen as the main research methods. According to the requirements of the experiment, the research subjects meeting the requirements were selected and divided into the control group and the experimental group. At the end of the experiment, a questionnaire survey was conducted on all the participants. The results and data of the questionnaire were analyzed at the end.

By analyzing the data from the results of the questionnaire and with almost similar other variables in the control group, the minor effects of some subjective and objective factors on the experiment were excluded. The samples of the two groups showed significant differences in all eight items of the questionnaire, including the degree of interest in the content of the short videos, the richness of the content of the short videos, the rating of the degree of integration of the traditional culture and the short videos, the rating of the sense of visual experience and satisfaction with the content of this part of the short videos, the willingness to create this kind of short videos, the likelihood of recommending this kind of short videos to your family members or friends, the complete explanation of the connotation of traditional culture by using the short videos, and whether or not it will attract you to watch the similar content the next time, and the question of whether the traditional culture is fully explained through the short videos.

It was found by analyzing the result data of this experiment and the questionnaire survey conducted after the experiment. Compared with Group B who watched the short video of Minnan culture supported by virtual reality technology, the audience of Group A had a better sense of video viewing and content experience, and gained a better viewing and using experience. This method makes traditional culture better disseminated and presented with the help of virtual reality technology. Therefore, we believe that combining virtual reality technology with short videos of Minnan culture can better spread the traditional culture of Minnan. And virtual reality technology has the characteristics of low cost and easy to operate. It is convenient for short video creators to choose and create.

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