Investors’ Perception towards Service Quality of Dematerialized (DEMAT) Account in Nepal

Dr. Jitendra Upadhyay


Concept: Dematerialization is the process by which physical share certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in electronic format. The converted securities are owned traded and utilized like physical securities.

Purpose: Purpose is to analyze the investors’ perception towards service quality of DEMAT account in Nepal.

Methodology Used: Descriptive and analytical research designs have been used for the study. Primary data through the questionnaires has been collected using convenience-sampling technique for the study to know the awareness, opinions, feelings and perceptions on Nepali Depository System. Questionnaires have been developed in five point Likert Scale and Cronbach’s alpha test has been conducted to test the reliability of the data.
Majority of respondents are satisfied with the different features of DEMAT account and responsiveness dimension of service provider is more attractive than other dimension.

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