Plasticity of Contemporary Racism: World-system Approach Anomalies and Emergence of Miles-Phizacklea 1977 Paradigm

Antonio Lopez


Contemporary racism has been explained by a large number of perspectives, since the end of World War II, its nature was associated with Colonialism, a type of analysis based on the approach of race relations and complemented by the approach of the world-system. The present study develops a critical analysis with the world-system approach and lists the analytical improvements provided by the so-called Miles-Phizacklea 1977 paradigm. The conclusions of our research suggest that the methodological positivism of the world-system approach is successful only from a macrosociological perspective. However, the Miles-Phizacklea 1977 paradigm is capable of offering broader explanations related to contemporary racism. This paper offers guidelines that can help future research on the combination of micro and macro-sociological racism analysis.

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