Empathic Communication and Artistic Healing Role of Local Music in Xiamen City under Major Social Events

Ao Du, Xiaohua Guo


From local to global, from individual to universal, from singularity to plurality, music not only promotes the deep integration and dissemination of urban culture, giving birth to the theoretical perspective of “music studies”, but also becomes an important symbol and weathervane of a city’s cultural trend. Whether it is a metropolis such as London, Paris or Beijing, or an art city that focuses on the city’s on-the-ground music creation or identity, music is closely connected to the urban cultural space. At the same time, music is also a “holistic effect art”, a language of cultural globalisation. This study will be based on the creation and dissemination of Xiamen’s urban music works under major social issues, taking aesthetic function and artistic healing as the entry point, combining with the case study of Xiamen’s urban in situ music works to explore the current situation of the creation and dissemination of its works, elucidating the social value and artistic healing function of the city’s songs, and rethinking and exploring the relationship between literary and artistic works and the harmonious development of the human society, and the role of the city’s brand shaping and influence on city branding. This research will mainly focus on the literature research method and case study method, using the Internet and electronic resource databases to review the literature, understand the knowledge related to music and art, clarify the development of urban local music and the current status of research, and obtain relevant research information, so as to provide ideas and references for the project research. To analyse the data of urban local music creation and dissemination with appropriate statistical and analytical methods, in order to maximise the function of the data and play a role in the data. Take urban local music as a typical case, investigate it, and give solution ideas and programmes, and look forward to the direction of creation and dissemination of contemporary literary works of urban local music under major social events.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sssr.v4n4p69


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