Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures in the Transfer of Land Management Rights in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province

Lihang Zhou


The focus of farmers' work is on land. In order to promote the rural economy and help farmers lift themselves out of poverty and become prosperous, the government has introduced a series of support policies, including land contracting, which involves contracting rural land and promoting large-scale development. Since the second round of land contracting, grassroots management departments have increasingly standardized land transfer management. The legal concept of land transfer for land contracting and management entities is gradually improving. However, there are deficiencies in land transfer, contract regulations, and transfer supervision, especially in rural areas where private verbal agreements for transfer and transfer without registration are common, as loopholes in some processes result in the inability to guarantee the interests of farmers. In the process of promoting the transformation of agriculture, it is necessary to carry out the transfer of agricultural land. This measure can make agriculture more modular and is a specific measure and practical necessity to achieve professional management. Standardizing and orderly rural land transfer and continuously strengthening land supervision are directly related to the transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development of agriculture in the future.

The article conducts research on the transfer of agricultural land in Taixing City. By collecting data and conducting on-site research, it summarizes the development stage and characteristics of agricultural land transfer work: fast growth rate, wide area; The scale of agricultural land transfer is rapidly expanding and growing; The process is not standardized, and the existing process is difficult to fully cover the work. There are still non-standard situations such as private circulation and verbal agreements.

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