Application and Safety Management of Computer Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Jie Chen


With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic engineering technology pays more and more attention to the application of computers in this field, and the application of electronic information engineering technology is also increasing. However, it also makes him more and more risky, and the information may be stolen and changed randomly. Especially since the 21st century, the development of information technology has been quite rapid. Among all kinds of science and technology, computer and electronic engineering technology also occupies a more important position, which has brought about earth-shaking changes in people's life and work style and promoted social development to a certain extent. Under this background, there are inevitably hidden dangers in information security, which also hinders the progress of science and technology and the development of society to some extent. Based on this situation, we must strengthen our electronic information engineering prevention technology to ensure everyone's privacy. This paper first introduces the application of electronic information engineering technology, and then discusses its security risks and related measures to realize the security management of electronic information engineering technology.

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