Developmental Funding and Nurturing in Colleges and Universities in the New Era: Dilemmas - Paths - Significance

Xiaoning Sun, Yantao Liu


Doing a good job of financial aid and education in colleges and universities can help consolidate the results of China's current poverty alleviation efforts, combining "poverty alleviation with helping the wise and the ambitious" to achieve the goal of "blood transfusion", but also "blood-creation", to help students from economically disadvantaged families successfully complete their studies, and to maintain national security and stability. To help students with family economic difficulties to successfully complete their studies, to achieve social justice, and to maintain national security and stability. This paper explores the problems faced by colleges and universities in the new era in promoting the development of financial support for people, and proposes solutions to the great significance of developmental funding. Push the funding to a more in-depth development, to help students grow and achieve success, to achieve the overall development of students.

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