Transportation of Raw Materials, Recondite Question in Manufacturing Enterprise

Can Li, Zixin Jiang, Songyuan Chen, Zhixiang He, Rui Yu


Based on the optimization theory, this paper studies the mathematical modeling problem related to the ordering and transportation of raw materials. The paper starts with reasonable assumptions, based on which the following factors are used as index: “average supply”, “order completion rate”, “average order value” and “standard deviation of supply” of each supplier, and the weight of each index is determined by using entropy weight method. On the premise of reasonable weight, the distance method of good-bad solutions (TOPSIS) is used to evaluate and rank each supplier, and finally, the most important supplier is selected. Then, a 0-1 programming model is established, in which “minimum order price” and “minimum loss” are taken as the objective functions, and the two-week inventory of the enterprise is combined with factors such as the loss rate of the forwarder, using MATLAB programming TOPSIS algorithm to solve the model to obtain the optimal ordering and transshipment plan. Considering the possibility that the enterprise needs low utilization of raw materials A and C, a bi-objective programming model is established to determine the weekly ordering and transshipment plan within the target weeks. On the other hand, when the number of suppliers is sufficient, the capacity of the forwarders limits the expansion of the capacity of the enterprise. Therefore, combined with the existing data, a linear programming model with the maximum production capacity as the objective function is established to obtain the maximum production capacity and formulate ordering and transshipment schemes. Finally, the solution process and results are summarized and analyzed.

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