The Mother Worshiping Beliefs and Some Legends Related to Mother Thuong Ngan (Who Rules the Green Forest) in Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Thi Dung


The Dong Cuong Temple is located in Dong Cuong village, Dong Cuong commune, Van Yen district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam. The Dong Cuong Mother has an important position in religious life in Vietnam. The Mother governs the mountains and forests, the ultimate power. The unique feature of the Mother worshiping custom in Dong Cuong is that it has harmonized the Vietnamese mother’s beliefs with the unique cultural features of the indigenous peoples. Mother Thuong ngan is the God who rules the green forest.

Returning to the Mother Dong Cuong is to ask for Mother’s fortune, to pray for wealth such as a golden forest, to be prosperous, to be full, to trade smoothly, etc. In people’s minds, the Mother Thuong ngan has very lots of permission capacity. The power of Mother Dong Cuong is the sacred and miraculous power that the Holy Mother created to give people or punish them. This power is created from the people’s belief and desire for a prosperous, happy, and fair life and is expressed through the people’s customs and rituals of worshiping the Holy Mother, the legends of The model has been and is being handed down in folklore. The power of Mother Dong Cuong is authority, supernatural powers that cover both space and time, dominating people’s ideas. This power is created from the concept that the Mother is the expression for femininity, for the fertility of life. The Mother Thuong ngan is also considered as a deity. The belief in Mother Goddess worship is a cultural and spiritual landmark that unites ethnic groups in the Vietnamese ethnic community. In fact, the Mother Thuong ngan is the culmination of the culmination and distillation of the combination of Goddess worship and forest god worship, associated with the agricultural economy. The mother represents the mother god in the mountains, in harmony with the mundane, revered by the people and classified as a saint in the Four Palaces. The Mother worship is a folk belief in the cultural life of Vietnam. These tales contact mandarin arrive credit threshold worship Mother also very abundant.

We use investigative methods; field method; ethnographic method; sociological investigation methods; interdisciplinary methods of history, toponymology, folklore, archeology, etc... to study this issue.

In this article, we study the following issues: 1. Belief in worshiping the Mother of God Th??ng ngan in Vietnam; 2. Some tales related to the Mother Thuong ngan. The object of our research is the Mother Thuong ngan and the worship of Mother Thuong ngan in Vietnam. The scope of the study is the Mother Th??ng ngan in Dong Cuong commune, Van Yen district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam.

Learning about the Mother Thuong ngan beliefs will contribute to helping ethnic minority communities in the province transmit and continue their traditional culture and literature. Since then, contributing to the implementation of the policy of preserving and promoting the traditional culture of the Party, State and Yen Bai province; especially practical contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage of Mother worship of ethnic minorities.

This research will contribute to the education of Vietnamese traditional culture in general and Yen Bai province in particular; help people gradually consciously preserve and preserve the value of the heritage of worshiping the Mother of God; help people love their nation’s mother-worshiping heritage. From there, arousing national pride and self-respect, encouraging children to actively participate in studying and preserving the Mother-worshiping heritage of Yen Bai ethnic minorities.

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