Buddhist Advice for the Development of Student Life

M. D. D. I. Gunathilake


The students should be disciplined, also students who have knowledge, skills, attitudes and disciplines are essential for a good society. The emergence of a group of students armed with knowledge, attitudes and values will be able to successfully face those challenges in the contemporary socio, economic, political, and cultural crisis in society. The Buddha can be considered as the absolute teacher of the world and his disciples are the ideal form of students. Research Problem highlights What are the Buddhist advice for the development of students’ life? The Objective of the Research is to examine the Buddhist advice to life and study the way how to apply those teachings for students’ life. Research Methodology is based on the primary texts written on which related to the Buddhist advice for development of student life. Books, journals, articles, related literary, cultural, and philosophical sources were referred to as secondary sources.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjeh.v5n1p65


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