Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Jing


Innovation and entrepreneurship is the overall requirement of the new normal of the national economy and the innovation-driven development strategy. It is known as the new engine of economic growth and has set off an upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society. All higher vocational colleges have followed the trend of development, and will implement the national decision and deployment, lay a solid foundation for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and effectively enhance students’ entrepreneurial awareness, innovation spirit and creativity as an important way to promote the reform and innovation of higher education and the characteristic development of vocational colleges. In view of this, based on the practical exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship in higher vocational colleges, it is beneficial for higher vocational colleges to provide continuous intellectual resources and talent support for the development of innovative countries by carefully sorting out the existing problems and deeply thinking about the future trend.

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