Current Trends in Assessment and Research in Global Education: The Computer Based Test of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board: Retain or Discard in Nigeria

Dr. V. Obowu-Adutchay, PROF R. P. I UKWUIJE, Dr. UDECHUKWU C. I.


The study investigated the current trends in assessment and research in global education. The computer based test of Jamb retain or discard in Nigeria. The current knowledge driven era have caused many changes in order to catch up with the rest of the world. Computer Based Test of Jamb is one. Maintaining a level of integrity is another driving force for the introduction of computer based test. The study used three workforce of the society viz stakeholders, secondary school teachers and secondary students. Survey research design was introduced in the study. Three sampling methods were used to get the sample, they are purposive, cluster and stratified random sampling. Nine hundred (900) respondents were selected in the process. The instrument used for data collection was “Computer Based Test of Jamb Questionnaire (CBTOJQ) developed by the researchers. The instrument contained two sections A and B, “A” was all about bio-data of the respondents while “B” had fifteen items which was used to generate data for the study. Face and content validities were used to ascertain the validity of the instrument while Cronbach alpha method was used to determine the reliability of the instrument which resulted to 0.75. Data were analyzed using percentages to answer the research question while chi-square and Analysis of Variance (Anova) were employed to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The results were discussed and certain recommendations were also made. That even though computer based test is fraught with malpractice, it could be strengthened the more with necessary paraphilia so as to catch up with the global trend. It should be retained.

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