The Tayyibat in Islam

Yousef Saa’deh, Mustafa Yuosef Saa’deh


The expressions of the Quran regarding the tayyibat (good things) has always carried good meanings, ethical and intellectual values, because of the relationship of the tayyibat with the worldview, the belief, and the characters of the Ummah. This is what Islam is keen to assert, protect, care for, and ensure its existence because of its importance for the continuation of Islam and its mission over time, which always makes it a fertile field for research; especially when Islam is attacked from every angle, including the tayyibat. Moreover, it is also to remind the Muslims of their religion’s constants and its teachings to help them in facing of this incoming corruption, whereby their non-Muslims promote all types of khab?ith (bad things), such as doctrines of religious groups and secularism; food and drinks such as alcohol, drugs, marijuana, and others, which requires the continued vigilance of Muslims and their keenness to protect the believes of the Ummah, its members, and their future in this regard by always studying at the tayyibat and khabaith.

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