Parental Involvement and Children’s Academic Achievement: In the Case of Some Selected Government Primary Schools Bahirdar City, Ethiopia

Bezabih, Mezgebu Bayu


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between parental involvement and academic achievement of children in some selected full cycle government primary schools of Bahirdar city. To achieve this objective, 180 sample students were selected by using simple random sampling technique. The collected data was analyzed through, spearman correlation, analysis of variance and independent-test. The finding of the study revealed that the statistical analysis on independent t-test showed that there was a statistically significant difference between male and female students with regard to their academic achievement (t=6.25, df = 178, p<0.05). The finding of spearman correlation indicates that there was significant relationship between parental involvement and academic achievement of students (r=.56, p <.05). The result on one way ANOVA displayed that there was statistical significant difference among respondents academic achievement with regard to their parental level of education (F 2, 176) = 17.084, P<0.05. In conclusion, parental involvement is positively correlated with academic achievement of students and males have better academic performance than their female counter parts.

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