Dimitrie Cantemir—A Polymath and Outstanding Personality of Romanian People

Dumitru Caldare


The present article concisely reveals the results of the thorough study of Christian concepts, reflections and educational values of Dimitrie Cantemir’s work, which are becoming currently central for modern society. The scholar demonstrated the real value of the universal national spirit, the Man-Universe correlation, and the essence of the theologico-physical concept. His philosophical system sets great store on the true knowledge of the world through the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of man as master of the world, as homo universalis. The article attaches great importance to the postulation, according to which, the philosophical consciousness in Romanian philosophy focuses on contemplation and eternity, and reason-faith correlation is a realistic foundation for the adequate elevation of human dignity. The article argues the idea that Dimitrie Cantemir’s humanism reflects the true wisdom and education of the Romanian people expressed both in the ontological-gnoseological context and in the social-political context, especially in terms of ancestry and the origin of the language. It is also conclusive that Dimitrie Cantemir’s works are oriented towards the Western system of values, towards a better, more enlightened world, and corresponding education. Therefore, western perspective is the guideline in the making of the Romanian people.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjeh.v2n3p47


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