The Relevance of H.L.A. Hart’s Concept of Law and Morality in the Battle against the Profound Immorality of the Contemporary Society: A Philosophical Reflection

Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu PhD, Robert Afamefuna Igwebudu


Hart believes that one truism of human nature is that the overwhelming majority of human beings wish to survive; in order they would rather live than die. If we wish to live, it is imperative that the society be developed which will ensure our survival. Law is an instrument of social control, by implication, in the absence of laws; man tends to be wild, i.e., to say to behave like a beast without manners. Law and morality checkmates the excesses in man in the society. The aim of this research, therefore, includes: To address the controversial issue with respect to the actual meaning and definition of law by Professor Hart. To dispel skepticism in the modern mind by elucidating what makes some of the societal norms (morals) a legal rule. To show similarities and differences between law and morality, pointing out their necessary relationship or connection. Finally, to critically examine some of the profound immoralities of the Contemporary society. This research would adopt the expository, analytic and evaluative methods of philosophical inquiry. By using the expository method, the work shall introduce H. L. A. Hart’s concept of law and morality. Also, through the use of the analytic and evaluative methods, his concept of law and some of the profound immoralities in the global community in general shall be x-rayed.

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