Impacts of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions and their Instructional Approaches

Bishal Neupane, Davar Pishva


This paper examines various impacts of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions and demonstrates the results of their counter measures. In particular, it focuses on their online educational counter measure strategies and critically analyzes the system in terms of their numerous advantages, disadvantages and information security loopholes. It considers the advent of COVID-19 as a trigger for the improvement of educational approaches and foresees the continuous role of online education even after COVID-19. It demonstrates how a natural blend of online and traditional educational approach can improve both educational quality, its user oriented flexibility as well as reduce the adverse impacts of limited resources. While showing its conveniences, various economic and educational benefits, it also examines associated numerous security risks. It identifies security loopholes of online education as the main obstacle for its successful continuous adoption and provides necessary guidelines for its counter measures at various levels.

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