The Multiverse: A Unique Movement towards Absolute Truth

Zihan Fang


There is a distinct relationship between the multiverse theory and the perception of truth when viewed through the lens of German Idealism. At their core, both theories are concerned with movement, or a constant state of flux. This paper draws two analogies between the multiverse theory and German Idealism. First, Kant’s theory of the thing-in-itself” is posited as a rejection of the idea of a unified universe. Second, similarities are drawn between how the multiverse can be seen as layers of shifting reality and Hegel’s description of the road towards truth, which is filled with movements toward negation and advancement. Finally, the paper discusses how these analogies constitute a critique of scientism: the multiverse theory, as well as German Idealism’s concept of truth, both stand in direct contrast to how modernity places dogmatic and exaggerated trust in empirical science.

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