COVID and Me: Taiwan University Student Experience during the 2020-2021 COVID Pandemic

David Pendery


This paper examines university student experience during the COVID epidemic in 2020 and 2021 in two universities in Taiwan. The paper’s content is based on a questionnaire with 17 questions distributed to 35 students at National Taipei University of Business and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in the fall 2021 semester. After an introduction that describes my experience teaching online in Taiwan in 2021, I allow students provide initial comments about their experience at school, home, and in normal life in the city of Taipei during the epidemic. From there I moved into methodology and theoretical background on the meaning and impact of the crisis. I then Provide additional information, including a look at behavior, emotions and practical measures taken during the epidemic. I then comment on the Taiwan government response to the epidemic, and the measures taken to ensure safety in Taiwan. There is then student evaluation of the broader view of the international impact of COVID. The paper then concludes with comments from teachers, and a look at the present and into the future, possibly post-COVID.

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