Research on Ideological and Political Path Innovation and Application Practice of English Major Courses in Chinese Universities

Yang Feng, Xiya Wang


In view of the current situation that the ideological and political effects of Chinese college courses are not very satisfactory and the anti-China waves in the West are constantly trying to provoke the color revolution, this study carried out an education experiment on the achievements of China’s reform and opening up for one semester among 232 college students of ZW University in China. The experiment found that nearly 90% of the 117 students in the experimental group who participated in the activity of “picture/video translation comparison+C2C international communication” accepted and affirmed the education model, and have significantly improved their patriotic consciousness, life belief, career ideal, plans for the postgraduate entrance examination, and enthusiasm for learning, and has greatly improved their English application ability, spread Chinese stories, and made friends with foreign netizens. However, 115 students in the control group who did not participate in the activity to maintain their original learning and living conditions had no significant changes in the above test indicators. At the same time, the final exam scores of the three English major courses in the experimental group were 16.69% higher than those in the control group.

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