Basic Life Skills Required by Girl-Children to Overcome Adversities of Polygamy in Etsako Nigeria

Dr. Nana A. Shaibu Akaeze, Dr. Christian O. Akaeze


Polygamous adversity combined with factors like gender discrimination and early marriages results to lowered female literacy and quality of life. This phenomenon extensively impacts the population and societies throughout Etsako west Nigeria. Intent of this study was to explore skills that enabled girl-children overcome polygamous adversities and succeed to acquire higher education. Semi-structured interviews with 15 women of polygamous backgrounds who succeeded to acquire high education yielded research data. Data analysis revealed 3 critical skills that participants used to overcome polygamous adversity including: (a) Survival, (b) Resilience, and (c) Coping. These skills may become the basis for future interventions and support programs. Child care professionals, counselors, Organizational leaders, educational authorities, family and community heads can use findings for comprehensive framework in trainings and support programs. The training and support programs may help girl children who are currently experiencing polygamous challenges succeed against adversities and acquire high education.

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